Creation of Impression Judaica

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Design a Mezuzah

About the Colors

Opaque Colors  These solid colored acrylic sheets will block most light from passing through. Objects can’t be seen through them, but the sheet will glow slightly when backlit.

Fluorescent Colors  Colored acrylic sheets with a bright glowing edge. These eye-catching sheets will self-illuminate even at low light levels. Light passes through with a strong colorful tint. Objects can be seen clearly on the other side.

Transparent Colors  Colored acrylic sheets allow light to pass through with a tint but no diffusion. Objects can be seen clearly on the other side like with a tinted window.

Glitter Colors  These colors have glitter flakes embedded directly in the material.  Our current acrylic glitter selections are all opaque.

Mirror  Acrylic with a metal finish on one side of an acrylic sheet.

Swirly Acrylic  A special acrylic sheet made with pearlescent pigments for a pearlized look.  Note that the pearlescent pattern is random and will vary from sheet to sheet. This is not considered a defect and is a result of the manufacturing process needed to make these sheets – every sheet will have a unique pattern!

Notes & Recommendations

With all colors, color and light transmission values may differ slightly due to manufacturer variations.
This means that each individual product truly is a one of a kind work of art, even when part of a bulk order.

We recommend florescent and transparent colors as a middle layer because these colors make it possible to see
the klaf (parchment scroll) through the side of the mezuzah case for an added effect of aesthetic and spiritual beauty.